Hi, I'm Sofie.

Welcome to Natural Moms Club! A membership club created for wise and caring moms just like you.

I am a mother living in Sweden with my family.

To live an earth-friendly life has always been important to me, but since I got my son Telo 5 years ago it has become even more fun, inspiring and of course more important than even.

During these years I have dived deep into the world of natural living in every area of family life and especially the life of children.

I learned so much, so many umbarable tips and important knowledge and always felt the urge to share all of this with mothers around the world.

I wanted to make a change and I truly believe that inspired and empowered moms will change the world for the better.

Today I work as a Health Coach and I am the founder of Natural Moms Club.

Natural Moms Club  strive to make childrens lives as happy, healthy and chemical free as possible

We share tons of holistic experience, green knowledge and successful natural mothering tips and stories, to assist you in being a well informed, confident and loving mom.

I believe that mothers who parent from the heart and who live the daily life in balance with our nature in conscious choices will raise happy and healthy kids.

Every month our members enjoys the downloadable Natural Moms Club Magazine. A truly inspiring read, with a holistic view on parenting, covering topics that appeals to both the toddler and the teen parent.

We have also a ”Ask the natural Mother” function for our members, where you can ask your own questions regarding Natural Mothering and get answers that you can implement immediately in your daily life.

As a member you will get "maps, guides and navigation" to  help you suceccfully navigate every state of your childs life, to make it become as natural, healthy and happy at it is supposed to be.

At Natural Moms Club you are always welcome no matter where you are on your mothering or holistic living journey.

All information provided on the website is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care. If you have or suspect that you have a serious health problem, you should consult a qualified healthcare provider.